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Fábrica de la máquina del núcleo

Información básica

Modelo: 7133

Descripción del producto

Especificaciones Capacidad del taladro: 13mm
Voltaje clasificado: 110-230V
Potencia nominal de entrada: 550W
Velocidad sin carga: 0-2800r / min
Frecuencia nominal: 50 / 60Hz

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1 pc key chuck

1 pc handle

1 pc depth ruler 

1 pc carbon brush 


Robust construction using aluminium and dust sealed bearings for extended life

Gears and drive spindle mounted in a durable cast aluminium housing

Look-off button prevents accidental starts.



india,pakistan,Southeast Asia.South America



1. Keep clean of the work area
2. Don’t to use the tools, in the rain, excessive humidity or where flammable              liquids and gases
3. The line away from heat, oil and sharp objects, the line should be replaced when it is damaged.

4. Tools will put in a dry place when you don’t use it.
5. Do not exceed the tool's ability to work to use, do not use small power tools to do a large load of work to avoid damage.
6. Do not use this tool to do work outside their function.
7. Must wear overalls and wearing protective glasses when you are working
8. Don’t use the tool, you must disconnect the line.


Power Tools Maintenance

Due to Power tools need to ventilation, long-term use of very large internal dust, dust will make gears and bearing (sleeve) deterioration of the dry lubricant mixture increased wear and tear, especially the use of alternative even more. To protect the drill rotation accuracy, reduction of the bearing (sleeve) and excessive wear of the gap, it needs to maintain a very clean housing and processing grease lubrication.

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